Why choose Lifestyle newborn photography?

Natural Newborn Photographer | In home | Cork | Kerry

What is lifestyle newborn photography?

Lifestyle photography is a type of photography that aims to capture portraits of people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of every day.

And with lifestyle newborn photography this invloves settings and positions that a baby would naturally be in – for example, held in a parent’s arms, or sleeping in a bassinet or cot.

Although lifestyle images appear to document naturally occurring events, a lifestyle photographer will move parents into locations with flattering lighting and backgrounds. The natural moments are often guided by me as your photographer. 

If you prefer to see babies in a more natural situation, then a lifestyle photographer will be more suitable for you.

If you prefer the more stylised “still life” type photo then a traditional posed photographer will be more suitable for your needs.

Natural Newborn Photographer | In home | Cork | Kerry

What to expect from an in-home newborn photoshoot?

As a lifestyle newborn photographer, I travel to the family’s home in Cork or Kerry, to photograph the baby in its new home.

The baby and family will be photographed in a variety of settings in the home which may include one or more rooms such as the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

As a skilled in-home photographer I have expertise in working in diverse home environments and be confident assessing the optimal photographic locations for natural lighting (daylight) and backgrounds in a home.

As each home is different, this takes experience and skill to adapt & it also means your photos won't look the same as the next families! They will be totally unique to you.

As your photographer I will direct your family into flattering lighting conditions and settings within the home.

As an experienced in-home lifestyle photographer will incorporate elements of the home environment into the images in a thought out manner.

Natural Newborn Photographer | In home | Cork | Kerry
Natural Newborn Photographer | In home | Cork | Kerry

Who else can partake?

Siblings are able to relax in their own home and it makes the process more comfortable for them!

We can include them by reading books, playing games, cuddling and caressing them! And if safe enough they can sit in for shots with their new sibling too!

Grandparents, time is short, include the grandparents for free in your newborn shoot.

If you have pets, include them also! I'm a big lover of fur babies!

In a lifestyle photo session, I generally will not bring props but will make use of items the family owns – e.g. if there is a special baby blanket, comforter or bassinet, then the baby may be photographed with these sentimental items in the session.

I do have a box of natural blankets should you wish to use them.

Natural Newborn Photographer | In home | Cork | Kerry

Do you photoshop our baby?

I create naturally edited newborn photos.

I don't photoshop babies. I just cant bring myself to do that!

I celebrate and welcome the wrinkly skin and the milky nose spots.

On the odd occasion I may photoshop out a wall plug or a cable but other than that I try and keep my newborn photos looking natural and ethereal.

Natural Newborn Photographer | In home | Cork | Kerry

A photo session at home means you don’t have to go out with your new baby but can stay in the comfort of your home.

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