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If you're reading this, you have reached out for a personal branding session! Yay you! Exciting times ahead. I'm here to capture you, your business and . I will help provide direction during your session and give you images to use for your website and social media for a long time to com. Personal Branding shoots require a lot of planning to get the right shots which convey your business accurately.

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Explain in detail here, list all products and services.

These could be joy, inspiration, confidence, comfort, excitement, respect, etc.

Describe in detail your ideal client.

Are they to be published on social media, website, printed materials?

Professional, informal, outgoing, laid-back, knowledgeable, joyful, quirky, etc. How do you want this conveyed in your story?

Do you usually wear a business suit, uniform, apron or artistic etc. Are there tools of the trade which you need to capture?

Are there places of business or venues that have particular importance to you? Please be aware that travel costs may be incurred.

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