Let's make memories

I'm Sarah Kate and thank you for choosing me to capture your memories of your family. There are three important areas we will cover prior to the shoot: Date & Time.

What to Wear,

And How to Act.

Date & Time

When we finalise a date and choose will decide if the shoot is indoors or outdoors. Due to weather we may end up relocating indoors so please bare this in mind.

Early morning or sunset are the best times to shoot outdoors. If that doesn't work for you, we can work around it.

Indoor photography will require me to make the best use of your house and available light so I might have to take a look around to find the right spot.

If one child needs a nap or a feed, that's ok too! We will work around the kids needs and wants. Most children play might act up for a shoot, so don't get stressed. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get them going and might need your help.

Earthy Tones

For a family photoshoot, neutrals work best. Texture adds depth think:

Woollen Jumpers,




Flowing maxi dresses.

How to act

As kids have a short attention span, I will try to get into shooting straight away.

As a rule of thumb I will get a family shot, Mom and kids, Dad and kids, just the kids together and on their own, and if all goes well, the parents on their own. I use an app with pictures to show you some cool poses and we can make a game of it for the kids.

I will ask you to read the kids their favourite story, or show me their favourite toy, So make a like of things that are important to the kids now that you'd like to capture, such as a favourite teddy or blanket. I might ask Mom to drink tea from her favourite cup or Dad to cook with the kids. Things that mean something to your family. Or I may ask the kids to show me their bedrooms or their playroom and get shots of them playing and interacting in these spaces that mean a-lot to them.

Don't worry if the kids get tired or need a break, we can work around this, I am a mum of three, I know what its like. So please please, don't stress about things being perfect, because as we know, nothing is perfect. And its nice to celebrate the imperfect too. So no need to have a pristine home.

If you have special trinkets around the home you would like captured such as a favourite chair or a special cup please let me know and I can add these to your story board.

When will the photos be ready

Photos will  be ready in 4-6 weeks on a private online gallery. 

If printing, always use a quality retail print service, or even better, contact me. Many low cost store prints will not accurately represent the colours and tones you have engaged a professional photographer to capture for you and may not stand the test of time. I use reputable printing services with fine art paper to keep your keepsake, safe.

Some pictures will be shared on social media to promote my hard work, most people are happy to support me in this. If you want to keep your images private, please let me know in writing prior to the shoot.


All photos are copyrighted © Sarah Kate Photography. Photos won't be released until the release form is completed.

Telling your friends and family about the service that you received, and leaving a review, will allow others to benefit from your opinion. And as a small business, word of mouth really is the best form of advertising! You can leave a review on Google, Facebook or directly via email (this will appear on my website)