I'm your new best friend

When you book me, you gain a friend! Albeit a socially awkward, slightly inappropriate friend, but hey, we can't all be perfect!

I really love getting to know people, to know what makes them tick, their quirky little habits and cute idiosyncrasies. And I really love, (my kids hate me for this) being really really goofy!

So be prepared to meet an introverted photographer with a passion for people, and you're thinking 'that makes no sense?' It will when you meet me.


I'm a lover of adventure, wild, rugged and unkempt adventure. You will often find me outdoors, in my natural habitat. I firmly believe in educating my children through nature and we do a lot of nature play and exploring.

*Photo by Deirdre Rusk Photography

Photo by Rebecca Doran Photography

Why Photos Matter to me

I lived in Melbourne, Australia for 5 years and moved back to Ireland in 2019. I regularly sent photos to my family back in Ireland; it was a massively important way for family members to feel connected with the mundane. Looking back, I am so glad I did it as it I documented those ordinary everyday moments because they're the images that are the most highly emotive. The fleeting feeling of a memory which a picture can evoke; is priceless; and it's one I treasure dearly.

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I'm not a massive phone call person, the main reason being the kids are normally screaming and shouting, so I can never hear anyone on the phone!

But...........I'm great at texting, so if you have any questions, just shoot me a WhatsApp!

*Photo by Deirdre Rusk Photography

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