Sarah Kate Photography, Cork Wedding Photographer, Sarah Kate Murphy
My Name is Sarah Kate, that's Sarah to you


When you book me, you gain a friend! Albeit a socially awkward, slightly inappropriate friend, but hey, we can't all be perfect!

I really love getting to know people, to know what makes them tick, their quirky little habits and cute idiosyncrasies. And I really love, (my kids hate me for this) being really really goofy!

So be prepared to meet an introverted photographer with a passion for people, and you're thinking 'that makes no sense?'

It will when you meet me.

History & Wildlife Lover

Sarah Kate Photography | Cork Wedding Photographer, Sarah Kate Murphy

Happiest near wild sea's & heather covered mountains

I'm a lover of adventure, wild, rugged and unkempt adventure. I love hiking, although Im terrified of heights.

I try to incorporate the landscape in my storytelling where possible. I absolutely adore castles and standing stones and love to include Irish history, nature and landscape into my photoshoots.

*Photos by me, Deirdre Rusk Photography & Brendan Lynch Photography

who I do, what I do!

Sarah Kate Photography | Cork Wedding photographer

Why I take photos and all that jazz......

I lived in Australia for 5 years and moved home to Ireland in 2019. Aside from the daily photos of chaos I sent family back home, they missed out on alot. And to be honest, I missed alot of it too, just trying to get through the endless sleepless nights.

Looking back, I'm glad I documented those ordinary everyday moments as they turned out to be the images that mattered most.

The chocolate-covered faces, the tantrums, the absolute chaos, & the love.

So much love, captured in pictures.

My three grazy kids

Photo by Deirdre Rusk

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