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If you're choosing to get married in Ireland, the quaint church on an island in the middle of a vast expansive glacial lake is probably the best way to go. It's very hard to find a more romantic place in Ireland than Gougane Barra, to get married. The vast forest, the rugged mountains and the stunning lake with a tiny church, make you feel like you're far removed from civilisation and it makes the setting even more intimate. It also allows for wedding photographers like me to get a huge range of wedding photos in a very small area, which is just what we did on Jennifer and Damien's wedding day.

Jennifer & Damiens Romantic Gougane Barra wedding

Jennifer and Damien couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather in Ireland can be erratic at best, but it held off for this intimate wedding in this beautiful setting in Gougane Barra, Cork on the 17th of June, 2021. The brief was a relaxed, no fuss, wedding day and it most certainly delivered. Covid put a halt auto a large wedding, so the couple chose to eloped surrounded by close family members.

Bridal pREP

The happy couple were living locally in Toons bridge, we got to enjoy the bridal and groom prep without any of the stress of rushing, as Gougane Barra is a short 20 minute drive.

Jennifer, Mum, Dad and two sisters enjoyed cups of tea and the craic, in Jennifers childhood home, whilst getting their hair and makeup done.

Gougane Barra, Cork Wedding Photographer

Some quite moments with the FATHER Of the bride

I asked the Father of the bride to reminisce on the bride as a baby, as we sat looking through Jennifers childhood photos, I could see the pride swell in his chest and had to take this shot.

Groom Prep

Damien's and Jennifers house is just a short hop and a skip from Jennifers childhood home. Damien and all the groomsmen had a lovely fry up whilst getting ready!

The Lads

The lads indulged me with the groom prep photos and we had such a laugh! The tentative nerves were creeping in, so the welcome laughter put all at ease.

Gougane Barra Wedding, Cork Wedding Photographer

"Hi Sarah Kate,
Wow they are amazing!! Thanks so much you did an amazing job. I actually can’t believe how nice they are! You completely hid our social awkwardness!!

Thanks for including the photos of Steph throwing up the dress and running away. We are crying laughing at them here!!!"

Jennifer & Damien

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"The hallowed shrine of Saint Finbarr dates back to the sixth century. Here the saint communed with God. The surrounding mountains were his cloister and the lake was for him the mirror of God’s grandeur. Stone cells commemorate his hermitage.From here he journeyed the river-way of the Lee to become the first bishop and founder of the church and city of Cork. He died in 623 AD and his feast-day is celebrated on September the 25th."

Text inscribed at the entrance to the Island, attributed to Timothy Manning, Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles, native of Uibh Laoire parish

St Finbarrs Oratory, Gougane Barra Wedding Photographer

Gougane Barra wedding Suppliers

Locally sourced services complimented the Jennifer & Damiens intimate wedding perfectly, with the majority of wedding services such as makeup, hair, flowers & photographer being located within 30 minutes if Gougane Barra. Following the church ceremony, the couple went to Gougane Barra Hotel for a celebratory pint, before heading to Kinsale to finish the rest of their celebrations.

Intimate Wedding Photographer, Cork

Given that I've grown up locally to Gougane Barra and have an affinity with the place it makes it easy for me to take photos of wedding couples there. Wedding Photography packages vary, but do get in touch if you'd like to book your Irish wedding photographer for your Gougane Barra Wedding.

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Gougane Barra, Cork Wedding Photographer
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