Are you camera shy?

Do you cringe at the thought of being in front of the camera? I get it, believe me I do! Getting your photo taken gives a great sense of pride in you, your relationship and children (if you have them) . Your family/couple portraits bring your family together.  It reminds your partner or family of your love for one another.  Your portraits bring joy.  And, in hard times, your family portraits can bring comfort and can heal.

It's a big step putting yourself out there to get your picture taken but here are a few easy tips to make it easier!

3 ways to relax in front of the camera

3 ways to relax in front of the camera

1. Move Around

Standing still, wringing your hands will make time stand still.

Move around, we can go for a walk, grab a coffee, get an ice cream, slow dance or cuddle a loved one. Moving creates wonderful, joyful imagery.


How to be a natural in front of the camera?

I genuinely want you to feel comfortable and relaxed in my company. I start all my sessions with a chat and we get to know each other. Throughout the course of your session, I will chat to you pretty much non stop, (because I'm really chatty) which will make your portrait session feel more like catch up with a friend rather than an awkward photoshoot.

Often I will stand back and leave you guys take in the wonderful views and enjoy each others company, so you won't even know I'm there! With my longer sessions we get time to go for a walk and explore our environment together, this gives the session a sense of purpose and helps everyone relaxed into the task at hand, which is exploring.

Another great tip is to wear clothing that is comfortable to you, there is nothing worse than wearing leggings you constantly have to yank up, or a dress your constantly readjusting. And I always say, when in doubt. layer it out! Wear layers so you can adjust your outfit through out the session and it will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own skin.

Choose a location that makes you feel relaxed

Be it your home, garden or your favourite place, choosing a location that has a lot of meaning to you and which also makes you feel 'at home' and comfortable is a really simply way to put you at ease in front of the lens.

Your garden and home don't have to be perfect, its about shooting in an environment that makes you feel your best.

Alternatively Cork & Kerry have a huge range of picturesque locations to have your family, couple and wedding photos taken.

Such as:

Gougane Barra

Killarney National Park



Load Strand


Gap of Dunloe

Kilcrea Abbey