What is the average cost or price of a wedding photographer in Ireland in 2023?

Wedding photography is one of the most important investments you’ll make on your big day. After all, your wedding photos will be cherished memories that you’ll look back on for years to come. Stunning photos come with a price, and it's important to be informed ahead of booking so you will know how it affects your wedding budget. 

Your wedding photos transcend time, long after the band have packed up and the flowers have wilted, they'll hang proudly on your wall for decades to come. A tangible memory of a highly important day for you as a couple. So while the initial outlay might seem expensive, your images 10, 20, 50 years down the line are often priceless.

Beginner, student or a part-time photographer's may charge a lot less, and in this instance you may get what you pay for. On average a professional wedding photographer can cost between €2,000 to €4,000 for an eight or ten-hour day. Below we examine some of the factors which impact wedding photography pricing in Ireland.

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Wedding photographer costs in Ireland 2024/2025

When budgeting for your wedding photographer, it’s important to understand all the elements that will affect their price. This way you can make an informed decision when reviewing photography packages.  

Some of the most significant elements that affect the cost of hiring an Irish wedding photographer include:

Location & travel costs

You have the option of choosing a photographer who is local to your wedding venue or choosing a photographer to travel to your location and incur travel costs. Although Ireland looks small on a map, travel distances between cities and venues can be time consuming. Factor travel time into your budget to determine how long you want the photographer to stay and how far you're willing to pay for travel. Some Irish wedding photographers have nationwide pricing built into their wedding pricing, others may add additional travel costs to their pricing based on distances. Some wedding photographers may choose to shoot only in certain areas such as Connacht, Munster, Ulster & Leinster. Keep in mind photographers local knowledge of the area they're shooting in & how this might benefit you. It is common for Dublin wedding photographers travel to Cork and vice versa so explore how important it is for you to have your photographers aesthetic on the day of your wedding.


Photography experience levels vary in Ireland from beginner, student, part time to full time professional wedding photographers. Choosing a less experienced photographer, maybe cheaper and budget friendly, but it a high risk choice. And like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Professional wedding and elopement photographers will have professional photography insurance (without this uninsured photographers cannot shoot in certain locations such as Fota House, Dublin City Hall etc) & they will have professional license-ship and accreditation, such as I.P.P.V.A. High end wedding photographers will be VAT registered.

The best wedding photographers will book out in advance, early booking is advisable where possible. As soon as you have your wedding venue date confirmed, I would recommend contacting your chosen photographer as soon as possibly to see if they're available on your date. It's not uncommon for couples to choose a date around their photographers availability.

Type of wedding photography

There are various types of wedding photography such as documentary wedding photography, fine art wedding photography, creative wedding photography, luxury wedding photography, elopement photography & natural wedding photography. Look at your photographers previous galleries and see does their vision match yours. Are you choosing a high volume wedding photographer, who takes on multiple weddings a weekend or are you choosing a a photographer who focuses on quality over quantity, taking on a limited number of weddings per month giving you a personalised wedding photography experience?

Length of the wedding photography required on your wedding day

It's important to factor in the length of time you need a wedding photographer on your wedding day, a typical wedding day is between 8-10 hours. For a shorter day wedding such as an elopement you may only require a wedding photographer for 4-6 hours. Discuss your timeline with your wedding photographer ahead of booking & work out which works best for your needs. Consider if you want to include bridal & groom preparation photos, or if you want to capture the chaos of late night dancing! Elopement pricing often differs as the focus is on the intimacy of the session and couples choose to invest in an elopement photographer to build a custom photography session. Bear in mind that if a photographer is travelling 3 hours to photograph your wedding, they will likely charge for overnight expenses. A Dublin wedding photographer travelling to Killarney to photograph a wedding will have a 4 hour drive each way with tolls. That is a full 8 hours travelling to shoot one 8 hour day. Having a local photographer means you are unlikely to foot these additional costs, they also have more local knowledge of the best areas to photograph. Check out what wedding packages are available and what works best for your budget.

Marketing, administrative & equipment costs

The cost of marketing, advertising, running a website, professional editing software, client facing software, album designing software, tax & equipment, are all factored into your Irish wedding photographers costs. A professional photographer in Ireland will usually wear two camera bodies (the average cost of equipment your photographer wears on your wedding is around €10k ) and they will bring a third camera body for backup. Wedding photography is a lot more than showing up and taking a few photos.

Second shooters/ additional photographers

In some cases one photographer may not be enough to cover all aspects of your wedding, this could be down to time constraints, distance or a very large wedding. In this instance your photographer might suggest a second shooter or an additional photographer. Where the distance between groom and bridal prep is more than 15 minutes than a second shooter might be required. Or if you want a photographer cover candid guest portraits while you are getting your couple portraits done. If in doubt, chat with your wedding photographer ahead of booking. Or if you have a wedding with over 120 guests then a second shooter is required, as it's too many people for one photographer to capture.

What's included in your wedding photography package?

In most cases photographers offer wedding albums and prints separately from their wedding cay pricing. The reason being is that different VAT rates apply to photography services and photography print products. It also allows photographers to offer clients a tailored album service rather than a generic one. Choose if you want a luxurious wedding album which is engraved to enjoy for generations or a heirloom floating fine art print of your wedding to hang on your wall. Maybe prints aren't your thing and you are just happy with digital files, whatever your wishes are. Most photographers will have solutions for your needs.

Popular add ons: Additional wedding coverage per hour, a second shooter, videography, heirloom albums & parent albums, fine art wedding framed prints & travel fees

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Kilkenny?

As mentioned above, various factors affect wedding pricing, the standard price for a wedding photographer in Cork, Kerry, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Kilkenny is between €2,000 to €4,000.

When hiring a Cork or Kerry wedding photographer, typically their prices include travel throughout the munster region and they will already be familiar with wedding venues in Cork, West Cork, Kenmare, Killarney, Dingle, Adare, Cashel, Limerick etc.

If you're hiring Dublin wedding photographers, they will have to factor in travel costs to a Cork or Kerry wedding, so bare this in mind. If you really love the photographers work, this maybe a great investment for you.

Check out your photographers client reviews, book a zoom call and see if they're the right photographer for you? A wedding photographer will play a huge role on your wedding day and it's important you vibe and enjoy their company!

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Top tips for hiring a Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, or Kilkenny Wedding Photographer

Hiring your dream wedding photographer can require a huge amount of planning (and keeping your fingers and toes crossed their available), but it’s worth it when you see the beautiful photos they capture of your special day.

Start your search early:

The best photographers book up quickly, so it’s important to start your search as soon as you have a date set for your wedding. A retainer is required to secure your wedding photographer for your wedding date. To avoid disappointment, confirm the terms of booking with your wedding photographer and pay the retainer required to secure your date. Follow your photographer on social media, will they add to your day or detect from it? Is wedding photography a labour of love or is it a vocation for them?

Create a budget: 

The average cost of a wedding in Ireland according to ONE FAB DAY is €36,000 and the average cost of a wedding photographer is between €2000 and €4000 for a full day (8 hours). Work how much how much you plan on spending on a wedding planner, flowers, music, venue, cake, dress, suit, hair and makeup etc. Remember your photos will outlive the flowers, the cake and everything else in your wedding, and although it's a big investment, it captures memories which will last for generations to come.

Read reviews: 

When looking at different photographers, read google, Facebook or website reviews from past clients to get an idea of their work and customer service. Follower numbers on social media is not necessarily an indication of the quality of a photographer's work and manor, but their social media might show if they're someone you could enjoy sending time with, so follow your photographer online and see if they're your person.

Look at portfolios:

A photographer’s portfolio will give you a good idea of their style and the type of photos they take. Be sure to look at various portfolios to find a photographer whose style is consistent and one which you love. If it's not on their website ask can you view some previous galleries, most professional wedding photographers are happy to oblige.

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Book in a zoom: 

Once you’ve found a few photographers you like, schedule a zoom to meet with them 'in person' and chat about your wedding day. This is a great opportunity to get to know them better and see if they’re a good fit for you. The most important part of a booking a wedding photographer is finding one you bond well with, being relaxed and enjoying your day in the company of your photographer will make it way more enjoyable and for some, that experience is one you can't set a value to.

Ask about packages and pricing: 

Be sure to ask about different wedding photography prices and packages and get an idea of what’s included in each one. This will help you compare prices and find a package that fits your budget. Confirm additional extras which you can add onto your package and what to expect from your photographer on the day of your wedding.

Get everything in writing: 

Once you’ve decided on a photographer, get all the details in writing before you sign a contract. This will help you avoid any misunderstandings or surprises down the road.

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Invest in those who matter

Your family & friends

A good wedding photographer will grab all the usual standard wedding shots but a great wedding photographer will capture the emotions, the people who matter most and the ambiance of the day.

The best wedding photographer will leave you feeling like they're part of your family. They'll make you feel comfortable and relaxed on your wedding day. And be part of your celebrations.

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How much does elopement photography cost in Ireland 2023?

Elopement photography prices & packages

In 2022, there has been a huge increase in the number of Irish wedding photographers now offering elopement packages in line with changing consumer demands. In Ireland, elopement packages range from anywhere from €1,500 to €10,000. The average elopement price for a half day package, including 4 hours of photography that covers getting ready, the ceremony and photos afterwards is €1500 - €2000. Other elopement packages can include full day or multi day elopement packages, which can be anywhere from €4,500 to €10,000.

Some elopement photographers will offer vendor suggestions or will be able to suggest reliable wedding planners to make planning a wedding in Ireland a lot easier. Other elopement photographers will integrate vendor pricing into their packages offering you a comprehensive elopement planning service, but this comes at a high end price. Some people outsource this with the help of an elopement planner, others prefer to plan the finer details themselves. What ever you choose, I will help you plan your elopement in Ireland. Eloping in Ireland is a price effective way of getting married for American couples as it means you get value for money and a holiday to boot!

Tailored adventure elopement photography is relatively new in Ireland & often involves getting mucky and exploring. If you want to break the mould and elope in Ireland somewhere unique then these are great options for you.

The two most popular places for elopement photography in Ireland are the Cliffs of Moher and Dunluce Castle. The truth is, Ireland has so much more to offer in terms of elopement locations. Your elopement photographer will be able to suggest spots off the beaten path which will give you stunning and unique elopement photography. Killarney National Park is a perfect example from Ross Castle, Ladies View, Torc Mountain to the Gap of Dunloe all within a relatively small area. West Cork such as Bantry House, Sheeps Head and Three Castle Head. A well thought out elopement photography package would be able to include all of these scenic locations in a one day elopement package and you may even have time for a pint in an Irish pub too!

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How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ireland? 2023, Cork | Killarney | Limerick | Kilkenny | Tipperary

How much does a wedding photographer cost in?

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