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Natural, timeless, wedding photography

Cork, Kerry & Ireland

with a sense of adventure

For hopeless romantics

wild and free lovers

For fun lovers and mischief makers

just as much as each other

for those couples who love their hiking boots

Hi, I'm Sarah Kate

I'm a Kenmare & Killarney Wedding photographer*

*reads wholly inappropriate & oodles of fun

For wild lovers, ex ravers & beer guzzling heathens

Wedding & Elopement photography

I'm a Cork wedding photographer who captures love stories all over Kerry, such as Kenmare, Killarney & Dingle!

Whether you’re planning a huge wedding with all your friends and family, an intimate Irish countryside wedding, or a cliff top elopement, I capture your wedding photos with artistic, authentic imagery & a bucket load of laughs!

As a wedding photographer inspired by the rugged Irish landscape and history, my style is fun, passionate & intimate.

The perfect condiment to your love story!

I'm a fun relaxed Kenmare wedding photographer for whom laughter and love is at the heart of what I do!

Dromquinna Manor Wedding | Sarah Kate photography | Kenmare Wedding Photographer

Dromquinna Manor Wedding

If you're looking for fun, relaxed, natural wedding photographer, who makes you feel comfortable being in front of the camera,
then you've come to the right place my friend

Sarah Kate

Kick back and enjoy the shenanigans

Kick back and enjoy the shenanigans

Photography for the joy seekers out there

Photography for the joy seekers out there

Say 'I do' to beautiful photos, without all the stress!

Am I sorry for that awful pun? Not one little bit!

Your marriage is a marriage to me too (that took a turn quickly).

When you book me as your wedding photographer, I say 'yes' to making sure you have the absolute best time at your wedding and getting your portraits taken doesn't feel like a chore! I will make you look SOOOOO SEXYYYYYYY!

Kenmare Wedding Photographer | Killarney Wedding Photographers | Sarah Kate photography

Crowleys Pub in Kenmare



Shout out to all the mad lunatics & legends

Shout out to all the mad lunatics & legends

I am for the fun loving, Netflix binging, sea swimming, mountain climbing, beer guzzling couples out there.

If you're easy going, laid back couple who want a no fuss wedding photographer. You want to make the most of the day with your family and friends.

If you celebrate each day as if it's your last. If you're the kind of couple who knows they should say no to something, but do it anyways?

If that's you?

Then read no further & book me as your paparazzi for the day

Book your wedding date
Book your wedding date

Sarah Kate Photography is one of Kerry's top Photographers

Kenmare Wedding Photographer | Sarah Kate Photography

Destination Wedding Kenmare


We recently had the immense pleasure of working with Sarah for our wedding.

A number of people in the bridal party are a bit nervous in front of the camera but Sarah’s enormous talent, professionalism and good sense of humour put everyone at ease.

From our sneak peek we can tell that we will have photos that we will cherish for a lifetime and for that we are forever grateful.

If you are not thinking about booking Sarah for your upcoming event then you are making a mistake

Michaela & Thomas
Kenmare Wedding Photographer | Killarney Wedding Photographers | Sarah Kate photography  | Elopement Photographer

Australian Couple who got married in Shelburne Lodge, Kenmare

What to expect from your Kenmare & Killarney wedding photographer?

I know the wedding days can bring a lot of big emotions & I'm here for it! I bring cool, calm and serious laugh's to your wedding day! Unfortunately not prosecco, but you can't win them all!

I offer natural, documentary wedding photography in Cork & Kerry, that's timeless, evocative and good craic.

Where do I shoot weddings?

I shoot the BEST most FUNNEST (If thats a word) adventure elopements, destination weddings, small weddings & intimate weddings throughout Kerry such as Kenmare, Killarney & Dingle. Capturing the rugged beauty of Ireland including the Ring of Kerry & the Wild Atlantic Way with your love journey. I do small, in a big way.

How can I make your wedding photos look fun, relaxed & candid?

Getting your photo taken can bloody awkward for some, I get it! I have a unique ability to make you relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera so those all those elopements, holy matrimony, unholy matrimony, rituals, coupling, soirees and general expressions of unyielding love. Insert someone playing the violin melodramatically.

I take photos of modern couples who want stress free, care free photography!

Sarah Kate Photography | Gougane Barra Wedding Photographer, Kenmare, Killarney, Kenmare Wedding Photographer



Kenmare Wedding Photographer | Killarney Wedding Photographers | Sarah Kate photography  | Elopement Photographer

I create wedding photo's which will outlive your wedding flowers, wedding cake & wedding band!

Sounds weird but it's true! I capture the driving rain, the howling wind and the atmosphere that goes with it too. So matter what the weather, a session will be had. Us Irish know how to celebrate a wedding in style, and that includes all the big emotions that come with it, the tears, the laughter, the whoopsie daisies!!

If your dad's rocking it out with the trad band, cousin Brid and her haphazardly applied tan or Uncle Larry, well just being Uncle Larry which is embarrassing, those are the things I'll look out for!

I want your wedding gallery to feel like home, to bring you the warm fuzzies and contain images which you'll look back on and laugh at! You'll relieve moments long forgotten and see faces that may no longer be with us.

Photos stand the test of time, never, ever underestimate that.

Cork wedding photographer | Kerry Wedding Photographer | Sarah Kate Photography

I go the extra mile to get to know you ahead of the wedding

Because it would be super weird not to!!

If I'm going to be involved in your big day, I want to know how you, how you met, what you love, and where you hope married life will take you.

You can add pre-wedding engagement sessions, to any of my wedding packages!

Why? Because, it puts you at ease in front of the camera, you become an expert 'poser' and it allows me to get nicer photos on the day, because you know me and trust me.

Do not underestimate it!

But don't want to miss out on all the moments?

But don't want to miss out on all the moments?

Planning a small intimate wedding?

Planning a small intimate wedding?

Fear not, changing your dream large or foreign wedding doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact by having an intimate, small wedding in Cork or Kerry, means more time with the people who matter the most!

I have tailored wedding photography packages which cater for smaller/shorter weddings, but you don't miss out on any wedding moments & you have time to get in the frame with all your guests!

You still get a great photography package which will capture your day in a big way!

Eloping in Kerry

Elopement wedding photographer | Eloping in Ireland

From big parties to cozy, candlelit ceremonies, all love stories deserve to be told beautifully. No matter what your budget, you can elope to Ireland and not break the bank. You can choose a quirky wedding venue such as a castle, pub or cottage or you can elope outdoors like the Ring of Kerry, or along the Wild Atlantic Way. The possibilities are endless for your Kerry elopement.

I'm pretty much down for anything so if you want to ride into the venue

Complete guide to planning an elopement in Ireland

Capture all the things you can't see!

Capture all the things you can't see!

Plan your dream wedding in Kenmare

Plan your dream wedding in Kenmare

Kenmare, nestled in the heart of County Kerry, Ireland, emerges as the quintessential wedding location, captivating couples with its quaint Irish charm.

Dromquinna Manor, a jewel among venues, offers an ethereal setting with manicured gardens overlooking Kenmare Bay. Meticulous service ensures every detail, from florals to food, exceeds expectations.

Sheen Falls Lodge has a boatyard ceremony room which blends opulence and tranquility.

Learn More
Learn More

Why Kenmare is the perfect wedding destination, with some of the best wedding venues in Ireland (call me biased)

Timeless Charm: Kenmare, situated in County Kerry, Ireland, exudes a timeless charm that serves as an enchanting backdrop for a destination wedding.

Diverse Venues: Boasting venues like Dromquinna Manor and Sheen Falls Lodge, Kenmare offers diverse options for couples seeking a perfect setting, from manicured gardens overlooking Kenmare Bay to woodlands with cascading waterfalls, ancient stone circles I could go on and on and on!

Impeccable Service: The commitment to impeccable service at venues like Dromquinna Manor ensures that every aspect of the wedding, from local Kerry florists to gourmet cuisine, is meticulously curated for an unforgettable experience.

Natural Beauty: Surrounded by lush landscapes, Kenmare provides a naturally beautiful setting for weddings. The town's quaint streets and historic architecture add an authentic touch to the overall ambiance. not only that you have Kenmare bay as a backdrop, the Caha Pass, Ldies View and Healy Pass are all within a short drive for epic couple portraits too, post ceremony!

Exclusive Atmosphere: 5 star Sheen Falls Lodge, with its 300 acres of woodlands, provides an exclusive and intimate atmosphere for couples, allowing for a private and romantic celebration. Alternatively you can rent your own manor like Shelburne Lodge and have your own intimate wedding escape in Kenmare. Dromquinna Manor tailors weddings for couples who know the importance of friends and family, the venue offers everything onsite so there's no need to leave!

Outdoor ceremony wedding venues: Kenmare has a host of outdoor locations which are perfect for an Irish outdoor wedding, Sheen Falls Boathouse is open to Kemare Bay and you can have your ceremony to an ocean breeze, alternatively Dromquinna Manor offers an outdoor Marquee on its stunning grounds so you can wed in one with nature! You could always have a spiritual ceremony at any of the wonderful locations surrounding Kenmare, the Beara Peninsula or the  Iveragh Peninsula.

Fairytale Experience: Choosing Kenmare for a destination wedding means embarking on a fairytale experience where luxury, romance, and natural beauty seamlessly converge.

Community Warmth: Kenmare's welcoming community adds to the overall experience, making couples and their guests feel embraced and part of a close-knit celebration.

Memorable Pre and Post-Nuptial Activities: Beyond the wedding day, Kenmare offers memorable pre and post-nuptial activities, with its charming streets providing the perfect backdrop for festivities and strolls.

Historical Preservation: The town's commitment to preserving its rich history adds character and depth to the destination, contributing to a unique and authentic wedding experience.

Enduring Memories: Kenmare, with its captivating venues and picturesque surroundings, is the perfect backdrop for Kenmare wedding photographers which ensures that the memories created during a destination wedding endure in the hearts of the couple and their guests.

Gougane Barra wedding Photographer, Natural, Candid wedding photographer, Killarney, Kenmare, Kilkenny

Intimate Wedding Photography at Gougane Barra, Reception Dromquinna Manor

Tips for Finding the

Tips for Finding the

Perfect Wedding Photographer in Kenmare

Perfect Wedding Photographer in Kenmare

I get it, choosing a wedding photographer can be daunting.

My advice to all my couples is I want to go to your wedding feeling like a friend, and leave feeling like family!

I choose quality over quantity every time, which means I will give you a tailored wedding service, which is hard to match elsewhere!

I make bring in front go the camera super easy

First off, I give you advice and direction so you're not standing there twiddling your thumbs. I will get you to hug, kiss, caress, embrace, dance, run & climb trees! Well the last one is up to you, I'm a never say never kinda gal. But I do make it easy on you and then I let you sink in those moments and enjoy.

Some of my wedding pricing and packages include pre wedding photography sessions and its the perfect way to get rid of any pre wedding camera shy jitters! Pre wedding or engagement photography can

Pre wedding shoot
Sheen Falls Wedding | Kenmare Wedding Photographer | Sarah Kate Photography

Sheen Falls intimate wedding

Let's celebrate your relationship together

through timeless imagery

I love having craic and a laugh with my couples and I want to feel like I'm celebrating with you!

So let's let our hair down and have fun on your wedding day & book me as your crazy wedding photographer!

Real weddings

What my couples are saying!



Fiona & Aidan

Fiona & Aidan

Sarah Kate is an absolutely fabulous photographer. She was our photographer for our recent wedding in Kenmare at the beginning of October 2023.

I didn't realise how much time we would spend with our photographer on our wedding day, from the start with wedding prep, all the way throughout our wedding day - Sarah Kate was ideal. She was fun, always great for a good laugh, friendly, supportive, super professional and just good to be around.

01 / 04
01 / 04

I am for adventurous, relaxed couples who want a modern twist on an ancient tradition

Capturing the romance, fun and intimacy to create authentic images you’ll treasure forever. Let's go on an adventure! You want photographs that capture your personalities, your love and the bond between you. 

Whether you live in Ireland or you are traveling here on vacation, it makes the perfect backdrop for an elopement photoshoot! My couple photo sessions are natural, relaxed, candid fun with a sprinkle of adventure! Its a great way to celebrate your love and relationship. We can go somewhere with epic scenery, somewhere which means something to both of you or pick an urban location with cool backdrops. Wherever we go, you will be left with beautiful images for you to cherish forever.

*Please note that small travel fees may apply if outside a 1 hour radius of Macroom, Co. Cork. I will let you know these ahead of booking if you wish to shoot elsewhere in Ireland.

I'm an LGBTQ2S inclusive photographer

LGBTQ2S+ affirming. 

LGBTQ2S+ friendly. 

LGBTQ2S+ ally

Sarah Kate Photography | Cork, Kenmare, Killarney, Gougane Barra Wedding Photographer
Sarah Kate Photography | Cork, Kenmare, Killarney, Gougane Barra Wedding Photographer
Cork Wedding Photographer, Sarah Kate Photography
Cork Wedding Photographer, Sarah Kate Photography
Cork Wedding Photographer, Sarah Kate Photography
Cork Wedding Photographer, Sarah Kate Photography

To book a Kenmare Wedding photographer

Contact Me

Do we sound like a match? Contact me below to find out more.


Kenmare or Killarney Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is the one of the most important days in your life & what better place to have it then in Kenmare. There are so many incredible venues, photography locations and vendors that create the day you’ve always been dreaming of. Having your wedding in Kenmare or Killarney. Here are some reasons why Cork Weddings are the best.

Why I love Kenmare Weddings!

Being a Wedding Photographer in Kenmare is such a privilege. Not only do I get to be a part of one of the most important days of a couple’s lives, I also get to capture their memories at the most amazing venues & locations. Kenmare has so many options for any couples planning their wedding such as Dromquinna Manor & Sheen Falls!

Why I love Kerry Weddings?

I grew up close to both Killarney and Kenmare and have spent many a childhood Sunday drive in both! I love Killarney weddings because they have so many stunning backdrops for couple & family portraits. I know the Killarney National Park really well along with the Gap of Dunloe, Molls Gap & Ladies View.

How do we book?

Once I have confirmed your date is available, I will send you a contract and then your date is fully secure with two things in place: a retainer and signed agreement.
I cannot hold dates without a retainer & I do get multiple enquiries about the same dates so I would always recommend booking sooner rather than later.

Do you edit the photos? Do you photoshop the photos?

Yes I edit all your gallery, image by image. I love revisiting your day and it's a lot of fun to see all those moments again!

And before you ask, no I will not photoshop you, I love to celebrate natural beauty. If you wish to have your images photoshopped or further post editing additional charges will be applied per image.

How many photos will we get?

Depending on the duration of coverage, for full day I usually deliver around a 800 final images. All photographs come in website and high resolution, and can be downloaded without watermarks.

How long before we get our wedding gallery?

Depending on the time of year it can vary between 12-16 weeks.

Do you have a shot list?

I try to get all the standard photos of your day, family shots etc! If there are important people you want captured let me know, and also let your mum/bridemaids know so that we can keep on top of that! Your day will go by so quickly and a lot of the imagery I take & am known for are candid natural moments.

Do you use flash or off camera flash?

I'm primarily a natural light photographer, it.s the most flattering & natural light and I advise this to clients ahead of any ceremony. This is the imagery you can see on my website ahead of booking.

I do use flash for first dance & dancing., however would advise having your whole ceremony coverage in flash. I recommend where possible that couple and family portraits take place in natural light which is up to 2 hours before sunset & to bear this in mind ahead of booking.

Do you have a question?

Hit me up if you have any questions

How far do you travel?

I travel all over Munster for weddings,
such as counties Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford.

Wedding photography outside of these locations may incur travel fees, but I discuss this with you ahead of booking.

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