Are you thinking of booking an adventure elopement or couple photoshoot on your vacation to Ireland?

Are you and your partner the type of couple who crave adventure and excitement? Do you want your elopement to be more than just a traditional ceremony? Then Killarney, Ireland is the perfect location for you!

As an Irish elopement & couple photographer, Sarah Kate ( mé fein) knows just how to capture the excitement and thrill of your elopement in Ireland. My specialty in adventure photography is perfect for daring and adventurous couples who want their elopement to be more than just a few pretty pictures. It's basically me dragging you to remote yet stunning locations for the photoshoot of a lifetime in Killarney, with its stunning natural beauty, charming town, and abundance of activities, is an ideal location for couples seeking a unique and unforgettable elopement experience.

Killarney is one of the most breathtaking places in Ireland and a perfect location for daring couples, who live and breath wild places!

The rugged landscape, crystal-clear streams, and steep mountain passes make it a heart-stopping location for your elopement ceremony. As a couple and elopement photographer in Ireland, I can take you on an adventure through some of Killarney's best kept secrets, capturing stunning photos of your elopement in the midst of Ireland's natural beauty. Killarney National Park offers exciting activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking, making it the perfect location for thrill-seekers and daring couples.

But that's not all Killarney has to offer. The town's romantic atmosphere, luxury accommodation, great pubs, award winning restaurants, and rich history also make it an ideal location for couples who want to add depth and meaning to their elopement experience.

So I'm calling all adventurous couples, is there really any reason why you shouldn't choose Killarney for your elopement or couple photoshoot in Ireland?

With its stunning natural beauty, charming town, and abundance of activities, including the breathtaking Ring of Kerry, it offers everything you need for a unique and unforgettable elopement experience.

And with me, an elopement & couple photographer in Ireland, who specialises in adventure photography, you can capture every exciting moment of your elopement in stunning photos.

Client feedback on the The Full Irish - An adventure Couple Photoshoot in Ireland

Conor and Kelly were unhappy with their wedding photos in America, so I took them on an adventure of a lifetime in Killarney to make up for it. check out their images below and here's what they thought of the experience:

Our experience with Sarah Kate Photography was nothing short of incredible. We were honeymooning in Ireland & desperate to document some memories together after our wedding photos back in the states did not turn out so well. Sarah was kind, professional, funny, and so very talented. Her talent and creativity is unmatched. We are also not the most natural in front of the camera & she made us feel so comfortable. I couldn't be more thankful for this experience & recommend her to anyone

Conor & Kelly

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