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Ii Islands most scenic locations

Ii Islands most scenic locations

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Oddles of love

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Cork, Kerry & Ireland

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Bitches, I'm so happy you found me! Are you wild lovers, cool cats and Guinness guzzlers, or just peeps who want a romantic Irish elopement without any of the stress of a big formal wedding? Whether you're eloping, or having a destination wedding or an engagement shoot in the most insanely beautiful locations in Ireland! Say 'I do' to me, as your slightly wild and socially awkward elopement photographer.


Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between people and life.

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Hi, I'm Sarah Kate, an Irish Elopement Photographer

Mad Yoke, Chancer & all round adventure seeker!

I am for the fun loving, sea swimming, mountain hiking, beer guzzling couple's out there. Wild & free romantics who aren't afraid to chase new experiences & create unforgettable memories together.

Are you thinking of planning a, off the beaten path, adventurous Irish elopement & you want a fun elopement photographer with the same vibe, than I'm your gal!

I bring my country and culture into every bit of your love story, a woven tale!

Chat to me about your elopement plans
Elopement Photographer based in West Cork, Ireland

Celebrate your love story, through the lens of Ireland's best elopement photographers

Elopement Photographer based in Amsterdam

Capturing your Love Story Journey

Elopement Photographer based in Amsterdam

Documenting Life's Extraordinary Moments

Why choose an craic loving Irish elopement photographer

So lovebirds! If you're dreaming of a wedding that's intimate, romantic, and full of Irish charm, then eloping to Ireland might just be your perfect match. Imagine saying your vows amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Emerald Isle, with rolling green hills, majestic cliffs, and ancient castles as your backdrop.

It's going to be fecking perfect!

But wait, before you buckle up on this adventure, let's make sure you capture every beautiful moment. That's where an Ireland elopement photographer like Sarah Kate Photography comes in. With her expertise in capturing authentic emotions and stunning landscapes, she can turn your elopement into a visual love story.

From the rugged beauty of Ireland to the picturesque destinations across the country such as Cork, Kerry, Clare, Limerick or Tipperary, Sarah knows all the best spots to make your elopement truly magical. So whether you're envisioning a cliffside ceremony or a hidden gem tucked away in an Irish village, she'll be there to document every heartfelt moment.

So why wait? Elope to Ireland and experience the romance of a lifetime. And with Sarah Kate Photography by your side, rest assured that your love story will be beautifully captured for eternity. Let's make those dreamy Irish wedding photos come true!

What's included in my Elopement packages?

What's included

What's included

Stunning Elopement Locations

Local knowledge of all the best elopement backdrops in the South

Dunluce Castle has been done to a death, get unique elopement photography in off the beaten track locations which reflect you and your love story.

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Eloping in Ireland? Check out my Epic Love Elopement Stories

West Cork Elopement photographer | Killarney Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography
West Cork Elopement photographer | Killarney Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography
West Cork Elopement photographer | Killarney Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography
West Cork Elopement photographer | Killarney Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography
West Cork Elopement photographer | Killarney Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography
West Cork Elopement photographer | Killarney Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography
West Cork Elopement photographer | Killarney Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography
West Cork Elopement photographer | Killarney Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography
Elopement photographer Cork | Elopement Photographers Killarney | KerryWest Cork Elopement photographer | Kinsale Elopem
West Cork Elopement photographer | Kinsale Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography
West Cork Elopement photographer | Kinsale Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography | Cliff Elopement Ireland
West Cork Elopement photographer | Kinsale Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography | Cliff Elopement Ireland
West Cork Elopement photographer | Kinsale Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography | Cliff Elopement Ireland
Elopement photographer Ireland | Eloping to Ireland | Cork | Killarney | Dingle | Sarah Kate Photography
Elopement photographer Ireland | Eloping to Ireland | Cork | Killarney | Dingle | Sarah Kate Photography
Elopement photographer Ireland | Eloping to Ireland | Cork | Killarney | Dingle | Sarah Kate Photography
Elopement photographer Ireland | Eloping to Ireland | Cork | Killarney | Dingle | Sarah Kate Photography

Get off the beaten track, hike a mountain, pack a flask full of whiskey and get unique imagery to celebrate your elopement love story in Ireland.

Hi, Im Sarah Kate, but you can call me Sarah

Hi, Im Sarah Kate, but you can call me Sarah

Planning an Irish Elopement

Planning an Irish Elopement

I'm a Cork & Kerry elopement & couple photographer. I shoot elopement portraits in the most scenic locations in West Cork & Kerry.

Whether you’re planning romantic castle elopement or a surprise Irish proposal, or maybe you just want to capture your love in photos!

Inspired by the epic rugged Irish landscape & history, my engagement photography has a fun, passionate & intimate feel.

Think pints of Guiness & a warm embrace.

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Irish Elopement

You've probably seen a million and one elopement images from the Cliffs of Moher or Dunluce Castle, but the south of Ireland has far more to offer than that! Its landscape and remoteness means you're not competing with tons of tourists for the same elopement imagery as everyone else. You get a unique landscape which reflects your unique love story and there's plenty of quintessentially Irish pubs here too so you can have a pint of Guinness to warm up afterwards!

Below are some of my favourite locations for a wild Irish Elopement photoshoot:

  1. Killarney National Park
  2. Muckross Abbey
  3. Ladies View
  4. Gap of Dunloe
  5. Sheeps Head
  6. Three Castle Head
  7. Dunquin Pier
  8. Baltimore Beacon
  9. Kenmare
  10. Dingle
  11. Kinsale
  12. Rock of Cashel
  13. Ring of Kerry
  14. Kerry Cliffs
  15. Slea Head Drive
  16. Glengarrif
  17. Bantry
  18. Skibbereen
  19. Aran Islands
  20. Gougane Barra
  21. Kilcrea Abbey

Caha Pass, Overlooking Bantry Bay

The most unique accommodation in Ireland for your Irish Elopement?

Unique Accommodation in Kerry

Cahernane House Hotel - Killarney

Limehouse Cottage - Glenbeigh, Kerry

Lost Cottage - Glenbeigh, Kerry

Unique Accommodation in West Cork

Bantry House - Bantry

Skyros - Schull

Glengarrif Lodge - Glengarrif

Rincolisky Castle - Skibbereen

Liss Ard Estate - Skibbereen

Unique Accommodation all over the south of Ireland

Lighthouse stays - For the ultimate in unique Irish stays - Click here

West Cork Elopement photographer | Kinsale Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography | Castle Elopement Ireland

Kilkenny Castle Elopement

Combine your elopement with a vacation in West Cork, Killarney, Kenmare or Dingle in Kerry?

Kerry is a county in the southwest of Ireland that is truly breathtaking. With its rugged landscapes, picturesque lakes, and towering mountains, it's no wonder that so many couples choose to have their romantic elopement photos taken here. Whether you're newlyweds, celebrating an anniversary, or just looking to capture some special memories together, Kerry has something to offer everyone.

One of the most popular locations for romantic couple photos in Kerry is Killarney National Park. This beautiful park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, and it offers couples the opportunity to capture their love story amidst the stunning natural beauty of Ireland. The park is also home to Muckross House, a 19th-century mansion that is open to visitors, and the beautiful Torc Waterfall, both of which are perfect backdrops for romantic photos.

Another popular location for romantic couple photos in Kerry is The Gap of Dunloe for their Irish Elopement. This beautiful valley is located just outside of Killarney, and it's known for its rugged landscapes and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The Gap of Dunloe is perfect for couples looking to capture the essence of Ireland in their photos, and it offers a variety of different backdrops for different types of shots.

Ladies View is another must-see location in Kerry for romantic couple photos. This viewpoint is located on the Ring of Kerry and offers some of the most breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. From Ladies View, couples can capture photos of themselves with the beautiful Killarney Lakes and the rugged Macgillycuddy's Reeks mountain range in the background.

Dingle and Slea Head are also great places to get romantic couple photos in Kerry. Dingle is a charming coastal town that is known for its colorful houses, traditional pubs, and friendly locals. Slea Head, located nearby, is a dramatic coastal drive that offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Blasket Islands and the stunning cliffs. Couples can capture some truly epic love stories here.

I'm totally biased in saying this but Kerry is a brilliant place to get romantic couple photos when you're on vacation in Ireland. With its natural beauty, pretty landscapes, and charming towns, it offers couples the perfect setting to capture their love story in a truly authentic way. So if you're planning a romantic getaway to Ireland, be sure to add Kerry to your itinerary and don't forget to book your elopement photography or a couple photoshoot with me.

Elopement & engagement photography in Ireland

I shoot adventure couple photoshoots, engagements, elopements, micro, small weddings & intimate weddings throughout Cork, West Cork, Kerry & Ireland. Capturing the rugged beauty of Ireland with your endearing journey. I do small, in a big way.

As an Irish elopement photographer....

I know the lay of the land, I offer natural, elopements & engagement photography in Ireland, that's timeless, evocative and good craic. I poor the landscape into all my elopement packages, it's in my DNA, what more can I say.

What are my elopement packages?

I offer different packages depending on how much coverage you'd like and where you'd like the coverage. If it's important for you to have multi day coverage that's ok too we can arrange that.

Are you nervous about bring in front of the camera ?

Thats ok, I do too! It's bloody awkward, I have a unique ability to make you relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera so those all those elopements, holy matrimony, unholy matrimony, rituals, coupling, soirees and general expressions of unyielding love. Insert someone playing the violin.

What's my style?

I don't fake it, I won't introduce off camera flash to give you an "epic" sunset. I embrace the here and now, the rain, the wind, the laughter and the tears. Every last little bit of it.

West Cork Elopement photographer | Kinsale Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography | Bantry House Elopement Ireland

Want a different kind of elopement session in Ireland?

You might have seen the same images over and over of an Irish engagement session think the Cliffs of Mohar or Dunluce castle

Instead, you dream to elope to Ireland or an intimate, small wedding, away from the crowds, by travelling somewhere beautiful in Ireland and committing your lives to each other in a more intimate and meaningful way.

Whatever the reason for choosing an Irish Elopement, I am glad you found me.

Because I am Irish, I have intimate knowledge of all the best nooks and crannies to get eloped in Ireland and especially, Cork or Kerry. I also know the best places to get a pint of Guinness afterwards to help get the party started.

My wedding photography is perfect for capturing proposals, engagements, vow renewals, anniversary sessions, pre-wedding shoots or simply capturing your travel adventures in a new and awesome place. I enjoy capturing the small intimate moments, and the quirkier your wedding, the better.

I am an inclusive wedding photographer who embraces the LGBTQ community through LGBTQ weddings, elopements, commitment ceremonies, engagements e.t.c. 

Bantry House Wedding | Sarah Kate Photography | Elopement Photographer Cork

Bantry House Elopement

Choosing the Perfect Season for Your Ireland Elopement and Photography

Hey there, lovebirds! Dreaming of an Irish elopement for your special day? Ireland offers a magical backdrop all year round. Here's the scoop on the best time of year to elope to Ireland, our seasons are a little different and Autumn hits here in August.

Spring (March to April):

Capture stunning moments amidst blooming flowers and vibrant landscapes. Ideal for Irish elopement photography, Spring weddings offer a lush backdrop for your ceremony. Don't forget your umbrella for those occasional showers! And it will still be chilly in the air so bring a flask of whiskey and a warm aran blanket.

Summer (May to July):

Long days and lovely weather make for perfect photo opportunities for outdoor elopement photography for a Summer elopement in Ireland. However, be ready for more crowds at popular spots so bare this in mind. This season offers fantastic lighting for exquisite elopement photography in Ireland. Unlike other countries, you aren't guaranteed sun during the summer months in Ireland, so I always advise my clients to pack accordingly and don't get your hopes up!

Autumn (August to October):

Personally my favourite time of year where you can embrace the stunning, colorful landscapes as nature paints the perfect backdrop for your elopement. Capture the romance of the season in your Irish elopement photography in Fall. Killarney National Park is great at this time of year if youre looking for Autumnal fall colours in the trees & the sunsets tent to be pretty epic too.

Winter (November to February):

Having a Winter elopement in Ireland with frost-kissed landscapes and a cozy atmosphere create a unique setting for intimate elopement photography in Ireland. Consider the charm of snowy landscapes for a magical touch in your photos.

Remember the clocks go back in October until April which means we have a later sunrise and an earlier sunset, so bare this in mind with your planning.

Whether you prefer the vibrant blooms of spring, the long sunny days of summer, the colorful autumn landscapes, or the intimate winter scenes, Ireland is all set to become the backdrop for your dream elopement. Pack your bags, pick your season, and get ready for an Irish adventure filled with breathtaking photography moments. Cheers to your epic day!

Name a better way to celebrate your relationship

than to say 'I do' to an Irish Adventure?

When you plan to book a couple photoshoot in Cork or Kerry, get your best clothes on, pack your hiking boots and a flask of whiskey and let's discover some beautiful backdrops for your wildly romantic Irish wedding.

Just come prepared for the rain!

Book now

Beautiful, adventurous, relaxed couples, I've got a vendor guide for you!

Capturing the romance, fun and intimacy to create authentic images you’ll treasure forever. Let's go on explore! You want photographs that capture your personalities, your love and the bond between you. 

Whether you live in Ireland or you are traveling here on vacation, it makes the perfect backdrop for an elopement! My style are relaxed, fun with a sprinkle of adventure! It's a great way to celebrate your love and relationship. We can go somewhere with epic scenery, somewhere which means something to both of you or pick an urban location with cool backdrops. Wherever we go, you will be left with beautiful images for you to cherish forever.

West Cork Elopement photographer | Kinsale Elopement | Sarah Kate Photography | Cliff Elopement Ireland

Affordable Elopement Packages in Ireland: Photography Prices & Packages

Capture your special moments with our affordable elopement photography packages in Ireland. Sarah Kate Photography, your expert photographer will beautifully document your intimate ceremony and create stunning memories that will last a lifetime. Check out my pricing and package options today by contacting me below!

Contact me to find out about your elopement pricing.

Contact Me

I would love to hear from you, hit me up with all your lovely questions. I'm always happy to help.


How do we book?

I book up, up to 6 months in advance. Due to high demand this year, I am fully booked. Once I have confirmed your date is available, I will send you a contract and then your date is fully secure with two things in place: a retainer and signed agreement.

I know it sounds naf, but as soon as you book your trip to Ireland, get in touch to find out more about availability.

Where do you shoot?

I live close to the Cork/Kerry Border so West Cork locations such as Bantry, Glengarrif, Inchydoney, Gougane Barra Killarney, Kenmare, Dingle and the Ring of Kerry are all near by and I love shooting there.

What should we expect from our session?

For elopement couples, planning to elope to Ireland, I will send you a vendor guide (a complete list of hairdressers, celebrants, mua's etc) and a what to expect guide which gives you tips and tricks on how to prepare for your elopement.

I will also go through a timeline and shoot list with you ahead of your elopement so we can make the best plan to celebrate your day.

For couples, my sessions are a mix of tour guiding and photoshoot. We will get off the beaten track and toast your love story, so prepare for an adventure!

How many photos will we get?

Depending on the duration of coverage, for full day elopement I usually deliver around a 800 final images and depending on your package you can download directly from your gallery.

For couples it can vary depending on which package you choose.

All photographs come in website and high resolution, and can be downloaded without watermarks.

And the best news is, I have an American online store so you can order prints when you're home!

How long before we get our gallery?

I will send you a sneak peek within a week of the wedding. Depending on the time of year it can vary between 6 weeks to 12-16 weeks during peek season.

Do you edit the photos? Do you photoshop the photos?

Yes I edit all your gallery, image by image. I love reliving your day again and it's a lot of fun, to see all those moments again!

And before you ask, no I will not photoshop you, I love to celebrate natural beauty. If you wish to have your images photoshopped or further post editing additional charges will be applied per image.

We are nervous in front of the camera

Dude I get it, so am I! But I promise I make it so much fun you will 100% forget I'm there with my camera by the end of it!

And I'd be very surprised I didn't know your life story by the end of your session too, because I talk ALOT.

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